Trump Calls Electoral College Phoney

The election is over and Obama wins a second term. Donald Trump is ranting about this and calling for people to revolt. He tweeted several times and here are just two of his tweets so you can see he’s really upset.  See the full article here  .

Although his comments are strong, I wonder what the sentiment on our Electoral College process is. Trump is not the only person to ever bring up the idea that is not the way we should run elections.  Why shouldn’t  the popular vote decide who is President. Although,  if you look at Google Election results they claim Obama did win the popular vote, but not by much.   A close race that brings up the question of how much our individual vote counts.



Election Day Facebook Hot Spots

Facebook is leading the way again on election day. tomorrow they will send out messages to users showing them how their users are voting. I don’t know how they are doing this but this article:( describes the plan.

Facebook will remind people to vote and send messages when they are voting. During the 2008 election this was very influential and may have driven more people out to vote. I’m curious to see how this will work and what influence on the election the Facebook blitz will have. I wonder even if there is a political motive that Facebook has to do all of this. Perhaps people will comment on that. So the message is vote and let Facebook know you did it to be part of the hot spot voting maps. This will prove to be interesting.

Social Media Connects & Saves Lives During Sandy

During the recent storm, Sandy, people relied more on social media than in the past. In fact, you could say it was a lifeline for many. Social media is not new to storm or disaster management but I noticed a few additional services available this time. For example, Comcast and other service providers were able to sign people up for alerts early before the storm began. That way during the storm they would receive alerts from these companies telling them when their power might be back instead of us having to call them. Hospitals sent out alerts telling people if they were open, storm news was easy to get as well so people were alerted quickly about new problems in their area. I could easily text a list of people telling them everything was ok here in my case so I did not have to call them all. Some people did not prepare or take advantage of these alerts. These could have saved some lives so perhaps we will continue to see people understand the benefits of social media during a storm and get some technology in place to connect to it easily.

Last week’s storm was also one of the largest promotions for some new new media like Instagram. 800,000 photos were uploaded during the storm making it the company’s biggest moment. It’s amazing how something so sad can also boost a growing media company to fame. You can read more about the topics in this blog at:

Storm vs. Election in the Media.

This week the storm was more in the media than the election. In the weeks leading up to the storm all we saw on the news was information on the debates, then it shifted to the storm. It shows that our personal safety is more important than who will be the next President. That makes sense of course. What impressed me is that the politicians did not take advantage of the storm situation to boost their campaigns. Maybe that was because we lost power and I was not as in tune with their tweets. Now that the storm has passed, we’ll see how they move forward in their campaigns. I’m just glad that many people in our state were not devasted by the storm. My heart goes out to those that were.

The Greatest Innovation In Your Life

I often wonder what people think the greatest innovation that occurred in their lives is.
My favorites are procedures for heart patients, fertility procedures, and cures for cancers are examples of how technology is driving social change. My mother died when I was very young in 1981 of a heart attack. Today her ailment would have been fixed easily because of new heart care procedures, early detection and the technology that has been developed. It is not one innovation it is a combination of many. My own son has a medical condition that was easily managed with modern medicine. However, just ten years ago he would have endured much more evasive surgeries with less successful results.

Today there was a news announcement regarding another technological advancement that changes established genetic patterns. Young childbearing women who have cancer often lose their ability to have children during the treatment with chemotherapy. Now they can have their ovaries removed and frozen in time until their treatment is over. I have always thought that the medical advancements we see around genetics and fertility will drive some of the most significant and controversial social changes of our time. Like choosing the sex of your child as an example. The article is on freezing ovaries is available through this link

I can’t imagine where that will take us, but it seems to be pretty cool technology.

Google’s Chrystal Ball

The title of my Blog is taken from today’s New York Times Article on the subject. I mean the paper that is thrown at the end of my driveway. I still read it on the weekend and find it interesting. I’m sure the same article is online. The article revealed to me something I did not know about the use of Google as it relates to this election. The use of Google to predict and track voter behaviour months and months before an election. The same data could be used for a thousand different applications. When you and I search Google, we leave behind a record of what we searched on. Every single time, we think we engage with Google we leave tracks, like animals walking through the snow in the dead of winter. We leave little clues that Google can use to study and predict behaviours. Google data is highly underutilized when it comes to election data. It shows troubling information like the number of times certain words are searched on, like “Obama Michelle Ugly or Pretty”. Or what kind of rituals Morman’s have. It’s important to know what people search on in their most private moments (or so we think this is private) so you can predict behaviour.

The article states that based on searches by different people, of varying demographic backgrounds, they can predict how people will vote in the upcomoning election. Google data can be used to predict voter turnout, by regions, by what we search on. If this is true, then it is predicted that despite social media, despite race or cultural issues surrounding the election most people will not turn out to vote. Nothing changes…we like to talk, blog, tweet about the election, but not trouble ourselves to vote. Now I know that when I search on a term, my information is used (in aggregate from) to provide valuable information to those who need to know how I think.

Attending a Live Debate

Oct 9 Debate in Las Vegas

I attended a debate the other day in Las Vegas while attending a convention, I took this photo of the participants on stage. The debate was between Rick Santorum and Dr. Howard Dean. Two of the early Presidential candidates in our 2012 election. Howard Dean is an American Physician from Vermont and has been Governor for many years. He is smart and fast on his feet during a debate. He focuses his energy on only a few questions that address things he really cares about rather than volleying everything that comes at him.

Rick Santorum, a U.S. Senator, was also, their representing the republican point of view. I liked his fresh approach to politics and his honest assessment of why he entered the Presidential race. He is also a family man and talked about his family a lot during the debate. He seems to be the “champion of traditional American values” according to his website.

The debate covered the usual topics like health care, the economy, taxes, abortion, etc. etc., and it was exciting to be there in the first row to hear their opinions. They were respectful, intelligent, well spoken, and passionate. Therefore, this brings me to my point about this election. We have so much information at our fingertips about the candidates through various media and instant and interactive information via social media.
Even Oprah Winfrey has run articles and social media campaigns about her visits to both the Obama and Romney households.

A few years ago, we knew very little about our candidates that was not planted in the media. Now we know much more and it makes it even harder to choose your favorite. We have more information to evaluate before picking our candidate, and therefore we have to put more effort into choosing. Santorum and Howard are great candidates, so are Obama and Romney. It’s time for voters to look beyond the physical attributes of the candidates or some small issue we agree with them about. It’s time for voters to take more time to process all this new information and make a more educated decision on who we want as President. Social media has connected us to our candidates in ways we have never seen before, so we have more information to work with.
Choose wisely.

Social Movements and Social Media

There is a person in Pakistan that is also starting  a social movement  that we should keep in our thoughts tonight. A teenage girl was blogging about women’s rights in her country and was shot.

Malala Yousufza, 14 was gunned down as she came home from School earlier this week. She blogged and spoke out about the Taliban who use fear and pressure to force girls to stay home. Malala argues girls must be allowed to get an education. In an interview earlier this year she said that education was the key to getting the Taliban out of Pakistan as they fear it. The Taliban have taken responsibility for shooting her and say they will kill her if she survives. Personally I will keep her in  my thoughts and follow her story throughout this class to see if she drives further social change in Pakistan.

Social Movements and Social Media

There is a young girl tonight in Pakistan who lies in a coma,  and all because whe started a social movement . A teenage girl was blogging about women’s rights in her country and was shot. Malala Yousufza, 14 was gunned down as she came home from School earlier this week.  You can read more at:

She blogged and spoke out about the Taliban who use fear and pressure to force girls to stay home. Malala argues girls must be allowed to get an education. In an interview earlier this year she said that education was the key to getting the Taliban out of Pakistan as they fear it. The Taliban have taken responsibility for shooting her and say they will kill her if she survives.

In the short while she had the courage to this> My bog vill follow her conditoin tagina.

Social Media Forces out National Leader In 2001

The first time a national leader was forced out using social media was in 2001 as this article states.

In 2001 Philippine President Joseph Estrada had committed some crimes and the government wanted to hide these facts. The citizens of The Phillipines would not have it and used. Upset protestors sent text messages out to rise up against this ruling, sending over a million protestors to downtown Manilla. This scared legislators who then worked to end the regime of Mr. Estrada. This is the first exmaple of where social media (text messaging) was key in ousting a dishonest President. This is a great example of how technology can help drive social change.