Romney or Obama – Best at Social Media?

I have been wondering which of the Presidential candidates, Romney or Obama, was better at using social media. From my view of the world I thought Obama was doing a better job as he is very well networked across a variety of the media that uses social media well. I ran into this article http://onforb.es/VexIym that shows that the Obama social media campaign is very good and a maybe more upfront than Romney’s.

The article illustrates that Romney’s team is very aggressive as they are using a paid advertising click campaign to take people who search for Clinton, Obama and Biden to a paid Facebook page for Romney. Some might call this sophisticated but I call it annoying. If I am looking for our sitting President on Facebook I don’t want an ad to redirect me to Romney’s site.  So even if one campaign is more technically savvy in using social media, they are not being upfront the way the Obama campaign is.

Does social media drive social change?

The population of the world is 6,973,738,433 and over 2 Billion people  have access to the Internet. Since only 13 Million are using Facebook and Google, there is room for rapid and broad expansion for new Internet Usage.  I am highlighting these numbers because many people feel that everyone has Internet access but that is not true. While many American’s have access to social media, this is no the case for everyone.

We are at the beginning of our social media story which will look very different in 20 years. Imagine the power of social media if and when most of the world gets access to Social Media. This is an example of where social change through technology, has the potential to change society. Imagine how world leaders will use social media to drive messaging, gain support and create opportunities for society. This instant an relatively uncontrolled vessel called social media also has the potential to facilitate widespread abuse of power.  The media site TriplePundit has a great article to illustrate how social media can drive social change. http://bit.ly/Arxh3d. Social changes that include political and environmental initatives like global warming. It struck me that we are just at the tip of the iceburg when Google announced that it has 400 million users.

Social Media Can Help Save or End Campaigns

By now many of you have heard that Mitt Romney made a speech at a fund-raiser that some say will end his campaign. He stated in a speech that 47% of Americans felt they were victims of the economy. He implies that they are dependant on government. His defense is that he “spoke off the cuff” and the media is only showing snippets of his video to make him look bad. In today’s elections things you say can be snipped, and spread widely within minutes.

The Huffington post does not support Romney and quickly put up an article about his mishap and added social media links so people could give their opinions.http://huff.to/PsYBfo. You can see how they have links so people can react to the article. (Source Huffington Post).

Bloomberg news states  that this is the end of his campaign. http://bloom.bg/Rp38Oy  Romney’s campaign may be over,and the viral nature of social media may have accelerated that. It certainly looks like Romney has an uphill battle now. Let’s see if he can use social media to turn this around.

Election Posts by The Minute

It’s getting close to election time and every minute someone is tweeting about the election. Obama tweeting about link to sites that talk about a clean environment or what he plans to do create jobs. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both giving their condolences for the embassy killings in Libia. Are they sincere? Are they making these tweets or is a staff member carefully tweeting on their behalf?

How does the President of the United States have so much time to dedicate to social media? Social media is almost as large a part of the presidential campaign this year as is television. Those of us who have twitter accounts and follow the candidates will be seeing messages several times a day. We’ll receive tweets to get us ou to vote from now on. You can now use your smart phone to help register your friends and family to vote. I wonder if this technology will bring up the number of people who get out to vote. Here is a link to register to vote: http://bit.ly/QSNmeD  .