Beach Days in March

The Jetty in March
The Jetty in March

In March as winter sunsets, we always head to a nearby beach on Long Island Sound. It’s the kind of beach day that urges you to bring warm coats to break the cool wind. As we walk over the dunes and see the crest of the waves beyond, we can smell the sea air.  As the kids stroll onto the jetty, the sky behind them is lit up by a colorful March sky. This month’s night sky is full of wonders, including the winter solstice which we can’t wait to gaze at through our telescope.

The warmth of the sun comforts us, it’s been a long winter here in Connecticut. The beach plums are brimming with buds, waiting to show their blossoms. The occasional insect peaks out as we hike around the boardwalk. As we pass an occasional reminder of New England storm damage, the area is still beautiful and we are grateful that we have this close by.

My daughter is home from college on a break and our seven-year-old son is thrilled to spend time with her. He beckons her to come fly a kite with her. With a colorful kite tail twirling behind him, he squeals with delight. Suddenly I know  all is well.


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