The Army – Social Media Warriors

Army Twitter
Photo Source: Army Twitter Page

It seems appropriate,  that since I’ve blogged about social media and politics, also social media and religion, that the Army social media campaigns also need to be mentioned. The official home page of the United States Army ( is a page they have designed specifically around social media. Given the average age of potential new Army recruits, and existing members of the Army, this makes sense. The audience is younger and tuned into social media. The Army page has links listed to Twitter, Pintrest, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, and Army Live Blog.  I’m sure there will be more sites eventually. The dedicated YouTube Channel allows clutter free viewing of Army videos.

What is likely different about this site is that it is subject to Army guidelines and they can remove things that may threaten security, or perhaps their reputation. The Army social media effort is most likely closely monitored. Most of the contacts listed have only Facebook links and not all the other sites listed on the main page.

The most influential organizations use social media with great success. Now more individuals should learn how to utilize it to enhance their own careers, or just their lives.


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