Social Media Connects & Saves Lives During Sandy

During the recent storm, Sandy, people relied more on social media than in the past. In fact, you could say it was a lifeline for many. Social media is not new to storm or disaster management but I noticed a few additional services available this time. For example, Comcast and other service providers were able to sign people up for alerts early before the storm began. That way during the storm they would receive alerts from these companies telling them when their power might be back instead of us having to call them. Hospitals sent out alerts telling people if they were open, storm news was easy to get as well so people were alerted quickly about new problems in their area. I could easily text a list of people telling them everything was ok here in my case so I did not have to call them all. Some people did not prepare or take advantage of these alerts. These could have saved some lives so perhaps we will continue to see people understand the benefits of social media during a storm and get some technology in place to connect to it easily.

Last week’s storm was also one of the largest promotions for some new new media like Instagram. 800,000 photos were uploaded during the storm making it the company’s biggest moment. It’s amazing how something so sad can also boost a growing media company to fame. You can read more about the topics in this blog at:


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