The Greatest Innovation In Your Life

I often wonder what people think the greatest innovation that occurred in their lives is.
My favorites are procedures for heart patients, fertility procedures, and cures for cancers are examples of how technology is driving social change. My mother died when I was very young in 1981 of a heart attack. Today her ailment would have been fixed easily because of new heart care procedures, early detection and the technology that has been developed. It is not one innovation it is a combination of many. My own son has a medical condition that was easily managed with modern medicine. However, just ten years ago he would have endured much more evasive surgeries with less successful results.

Today there was a news announcement regarding another technological advancement that changes established genetic patterns. Young childbearing women who have cancer often lose their ability to have children during the treatment with chemotherapy. Now they can have their ovaries removed and frozen in time until their treatment is over. I have always thought that the medical advancements we see around genetics and fertility will drive some of the most significant and controversial social changes of our time. Like choosing the sex of your child as an example. The article is on freezing ovaries is available through this link

I can’t imagine where that will take us, but it seems to be pretty cool technology.


2 thoughts on “The Greatest Innovation In Your Life

  1. Some women are also pushed into menopause early after chemo. So even if you do not plan to have any more children during the time of chemo, it still affects your reproductive systems in ways you may not expect.

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