Attending a Live Debate

Oct 9 Debate in Las Vegas

I attended a debate the other day in Las Vegas while attending a convention, I took this photo of the participants on stage. The debate was between Rick Santorum and Dr. Howard Dean. Two of the early Presidential candidates in our 2012 election. Howard Dean is an American Physician from Vermont and has been Governor for many years. He is smart and fast on his feet during a debate. He focuses his energy on only a few questions that address things he really cares about rather than volleying everything that comes at him.

Rick Santorum, a U.S. Senator, was also, their representing the republican point of view. I liked his fresh approach to politics and his honest assessment of why he entered the Presidential race. He is also a family man and talked about his family a lot during the debate. He seems to be the “champion of traditional American values” according to his website.

The debate covered the usual topics like health care, the economy, taxes, abortion, etc. etc., and it was exciting to be there in the first row to hear their opinions. They were respectful, intelligent, well spoken, and passionate. Therefore, this brings me to my point about this election. We have so much information at our fingertips about the candidates through various media and instant and interactive information via social media.
Even Oprah Winfrey has run articles and social media campaigns about her visits to both the Obama and Romney households.

A few years ago, we knew very little about our candidates that was not planted in the media. Now we know much more and it makes it even harder to choose your favorite. We have more information to evaluate before picking our candidate, and therefore we have to put more effort into choosing. Santorum and Howard are great candidates, so are Obama and Romney. It’s time for voters to look beyond the physical attributes of the candidates or some small issue we agree with them about. It’s time for voters to take more time to process all this new information and make a more educated decision on who we want as President. Social media has connected us to our candidates in ways we have never seen before, so we have more information to work with.
Choose wisely.


2 thoughts on “Attending a Live Debate

  1. So if we were to write a thesis statement, would it say the following: Social Media gives us a deeper look into candidates which helps voters choose better. Or would we say this: Social Media provides so much information on candidates that voters are overwhelmed by all the details. Voters must read and decide if their position aligns with their candidate’s position. However, depending on the issue, that may not be a deciding factor when casting a vote. To know your candidate is to know yourself.

    1. I think you are right. I would say social media provides so much information that we have to really educate ourselves on their positions and align that with what we want in our leader. Yes it’s not necessarily going to be an easy choice even with so much information on a candidate.

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