Good Combination-SEO & Social Media

For those of you who want to make digital marketing a career, understanding search engine optimization is basic skill you will need. Here are some tips.

I would also include SEO as a key step in any social media plans you design.

At the conference session I recently attended, I was shown many ways to improve my company’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results using social media. SEO helps you draw people to your websites, blogs and other digital media forms you host.

The data on social media usage proves that companies serious about SEO need to take note of the statistics. Here are just a few statistics that should show the potential Social Media engagement has for a business. Also, 70% of the Internet population uses a social network.

Ways to use SEO and combine it with social media:

  • Create a Blog where posts will be utilized for SEO content so you can post articles and dialog with your customers. Make sure the blog is targeted at your customers and uses good keywords to draw them in.

  • Choose the right Keywords. Conduct a keyword analysis so you know what the right keywords are. Sometimes the results will surprise you as you find out your customers don’t search on the product names or categories you create. This is a top priority in any social media effort. An SEO agency like Covario can help you win at this game.

  • Benchmarking against competitors – Your competitors are watching you so be sure to stay on top of their social media and SEO efforts. This excercise will help you determine which of your competitors are being noticed by Internet users and help you better understand your customers. You can learn from what they are doing right and wrong and built this into a competitive strategy.



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