Does social media drive social change?

The population of the world is 6,973,738,433 and over 2 Billion people  have access to the Internet. Since only 13 Million are using Facebook and Google, there is room for rapid and broad expansion for new Internet Usage.  I am highlighting these numbers because many people feel that everyone has Internet access but that is not true. While many American’s have access to social media, this is no the case for everyone.

We are at the beginning of our social media story which will look very different in 20 years. Imagine the power of social media if and when most of the world gets access to Social Media. This is an example of where social change through technology, has the potential to change society. Imagine how world leaders will use social media to drive messaging, gain support and create opportunities for society. This instant an relatively uncontrolled vessel called social media also has the potential to facilitate widespread abuse of power.  The media site TriplePundit has a great article to illustrate how social media can drive social change. Social changes that include political and environmental initatives like global warming. It struck me that we are just at the tip of the iceburg when Google announced that it has 400 million users.


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