Social Media Can Help Save or End Campaigns

By now many of you have heard that Mitt Romney made a speech at a fund-raiser that some say will end his campaign. He stated in a speech that 47% of Americans felt they were victims of the economy. He implies that they are dependant on government. His defense is that he “spoke off the cuff” and the media is only showing snippets of his video to make him look bad. In today’s elections things you say can be snipped, and spread widely within minutes.

The Huffington post does not support Romney and quickly put up an article about his mishap and added social media links so people could give their opinions. You can see how they have links so people can react to the article. (Source Huffington Post).

Bloomberg news states  that this is the end of his campaign.  Romney’s campaign may be over,and the viral nature of social media may have accelerated that. It certainly looks like Romney has an uphill battle now. Let’s see if he can use social media to turn this around.


2 thoughts on “Social Media Can Help Save or End Campaigns

  1. It is crucial that Romney that he does not drown in the sea of social media. He must respond quickly to attacks and not give the appearance of scrambling.

    1. Yes I see his Paul Ryan did well tonight. I was blogging and tweeting through the debate so we’ll see how his social media helped him or not after the debate closess.

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