Election Posts by The Minute

It’s getting close to election time and every minute someone is tweeting about the election. Obama tweeting about link to sites that talk about a clean environment or what he plans to do create jobs. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both giving their condolences for the embassy killings in Libia. Are they sincere? Are they making these tweets or is a staff member carefully tweeting on their behalf?

How does the President of the United States have so much time to dedicate to social media? Social media is almost as large a part of the presidential campaign this year as is television. Those of us who have twitter accounts and follow the candidates will be seeing messages several times a day. We’ll receive tweets to get us ou to vote from now on. You can now use your smart phone to help register your friends and family to vote. I wonder if this technology will bring up the number of people who get out to vote. Here is a link to register to vote: http://bit.ly/QSNmeD  .


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